Club iLL Models started as a vision by our founder, who has over 20 years of experience operating in the promotional and glamour model industry. The idea was to establish an international agency for high-end global luxury clients with a focus on building invaluable relationships with clients and models alike. The vision was achieved in 2018 and Club iLL Models was created.


Connecting elite and famous models worldwide with clients and assisting them in maximizing commercial opportunities outside of the modeling industry. Using digital innovation to provide a collective hub for models and clients alike to strategically achieve their aspirations, irrespective of race, height, gender, age, or handicap in a secure and discrete environment.


We are committed to constantly striving to improve our personalized management of models and clients. Nurturing and assisting individuals towards their mutual goals while building partnerships base on mutual trust and respect. We embrace diversity and encourage the spirit of acceptance and inclusivity on our international platform. We are professionals in all aspects.

High-End International Agency
Elite and Famous

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We will be more than pleased to assist you in your model selection. New clients sign up for membership and enjoy access to our galleries of amazing models. Once this process is completed, booking is simple and easy.

Constantly Striving To Improve
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We are always happy to welcome new talent. If you are a  model looking for a reputable and established agency, that will have your security and best interest as a number one priority, apply now.