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Realationships – Biggest Cheaters

Have you ever wondered who are the biggest cheaters are women or men? Historically men have cheated more than women but it seems that this will soon change. Don’t believe for one minute that men are engaging in less cheating or are not having as many affairs as in previous times, because that’s not the case. The reason for the gap closing between male and female cheaters is because the number of women having affairs is on the up.

Who are the biggest cheaters?

This was the interpretation of data generated in a recent survey by social scientists. If we believe that the people surveyed did not lie, then the conclusion is accurate. It also concluded that one of the reasons the figures are higher for men cheating is that women are better than men at hiding their affairs and are less likely to be found out. It is believed that women are cheating more these days and get away with it more often than men, but their cheating is under-reported because they get away with it more often.

One of the reasons women are better at covering up their cheating could be that historically the punishment if their affairs were discovered was very severe. There were many harsh consequences for women, including financial devastation, having their children removed from their care, and in some cases death.

Another survey in the USA concluded that the cheating ratio was 20% male to 13% female. The thinking is that men are more reckless with their reasons for cheating and are influenced by opportunity and availability. This a major reason a higher percentage of men are caught. For women, there is more planning involved with regards to their cheating, and they usually feel they are addressing an unaddressed need. The consequences of being careless with their decision to cheat are highly unpalatable. Often domestic violence can be triggered by infidelity.

Many women believe that men are unable to deal with their female partners cheating in the same way they expect women to handle a mans cheating. This may be true, but analysis of recent studies suggests that men are improving their ability to cheat undetected. Men are more able to insulate and separate their home life with their primary partner from their cheating life and appear to be less concerned in maintaining multiple relationships. This is why men are happy to meet with different escorts to satisfy their needs without any emotional attachment. The main commonality that has been concluded from the data is that those who are caught cheating (both male and female) consciously or subconsciously want to be caught.