Instagram Models in Dubai

Instagram Models in Dubai

The world is full of Instagram models and influencers these days and it appears that they run things.

For reasons that are easily discerned the models on the social media platform that receive the most attention are the Instagram girls.

They appear to lead ostentatious lifestyle styles globe-trotting in high-end vehicles and private planes. They are photographed lounging around on beaches and residing in top hotels while outfitted in the latest designer fashions. To the ordinary eye they look as if they are living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

The Million dollar question is how do they manage this?

There is a persistent rumor that many of the Instagram model heading to Dubai are traveling there for escorting purposes.

It has been documented on various online websites that Instagram models sometimes receive propositions in the region of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to have sex with wealthy men.

It not only the Instagram girls with large followings that are targeted, even girls with only a four-digit following are in on the game.

You don’t have to be a genius to put two and two together, this is a story as old as time. Wealthy men and hot girls are drawn to each other like Bees to honey.

An online publication recently trawled through the photos of an Instagram Model and over several months trailed her journeys.

In only a couple of months, she flew to Dubai, Istanbul, New York, Dubai(2nd time), Phuket and Barcelona, while residing in Paris. From her photos posted on Instagram most of the flights appeared to be business class or first-class flights.

Using basic calculations of the cost of airfare and accommodation she appeared to be spending(on the conservative side) $30000 a month. This amount includes expenditure for travel, everyday maintenance, including the upkeep of her Paris residence. According to these figures, it is estimated she would have nothing saved unless the fact is that she earns more than estimated per month.

Could it be that companies are paying her a ton of money to represent their brands online? This may be a possibility considering at last glance she had 900,000 followers on Instagram. Or could it be her multiple visits to Dubai over the year have been very lucrative?

I am going to play Devils advocate here. Even if it’s true that these models are working as escorts, earning $50000 – $200000 each trip can they be blamed?

In Dubai, prostitution is illegal. Escorting in Dubai can be a dangerous business and young females should not be emboldened to use their beauty in this way. But who are we to be prudish if a young model wishes to use her charms while they are of value. The alternative could be working for a minimum wage in a dead-end job all the while being sexually harassed by male co-workers. It could be that spending a few nights now and again with Mr. Megabucks is worth it to live the life of luxury.