Face Mask During Sex?

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A leading sexual health charity in the UK says that avoiding kissing and wearing a face mask or face covering while having sex are essential practices during this pandemic. Due to social distancing guidelines, the analysis has shown there has been a drop in the number of individuals seeking sexual companions outside their bubbles.

Even though COVID restrictions have now eased in most countries, it would be unrealistic to think that the population will stop sexual interaction entirely. Bearing this in mind, the sexual health charity published safe sex guidance to avoid the spread of Covid-19 – in a nutshell, they advise wearing a face mask and no kissing.

The big question is, can it be realistic to expect people to wear face masks while having sex? A study published by a top UK research company revealed that over 20% of British people were willing to wear a face-covering during sex. These numbers show that quite a low number of British people are willing to follow the COVID safe sex guidelines. Also, these numbers do not reveal the number of people who have already been enjoying wearing masks during sex pre COVID…

These results are an indication that only a small number of people are interested in wearing face masks during sex, also as in the case of the British, there are already people who are engaging in more interesting activities with masks. This is not surprising when you consider the appearance of Covid-19 porn themes.

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