Standard or Premium

In the economy we live in today, value for money is the proposition most consumers have at the forefront of their minds when making purchases. Discounts, sales, special offers, two for one offers, and websites dedicate to offering discount vouchers abound. Here at Club iLL , we receive daily requests for discounts from clients referencing other agencies as a barometer for our pricing. However, even amidst the cost-conscious bartering, some agencies continue to thrive by providing premium services and exclusive products.

Caring couple

High-End Premium agencies are not something that all clients require. For some customers, an elevated product offering is not a consideration for them, and premium offerings will not enhance their experience, because they do not consider exclusivity a factor that provides value for money. Their thinking is ‘Why pay for first-class when economy will get you to the same destination at the exact time for a fraction of the cost?”

There are a few things to consider when deciding if premium and exclusive are factors that are desirable to you.

  1. Can you distinguish value between standard and premium exclusive offerings?
  2. Will choosing more high-end options offer you a higher level of security, comfort, or satisfaction?
  3. Will you get a more hands-on and more personalized service for your money?
  4. Will your needs be catered to by people who have been trained to offer distinct services required by premium clients?
  5. Does the value proposition match your requirements?

One final point. Given recent events, one’s health and safety has become even more of a consideration. Statistically speaking where there is least traffic(exclusive) there is less contact and vice versa where there is higher traffic(standard) there will be more contact.

In summary what the point this article is attempting to convey is that there is a time and a place for cost-cutting.

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